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Intentional Community + Dark Sky + Drumming Activations
Tapping Into the Primordial Heartbeat of Humanity

It's time to light up the dark with our passion! We are a potent and growing body of Aligned Community, and we gather under a dark night sky deliberately, to connect authentically with each other and the land. On this autumn equinox, we’ll honour summer’s bounty with Fire & Percussion.

In keeping with the intentions of R.O.A.R, with R.O.A.R. NOIR our focus remains to bring sound and community together in the dynamic energy field of the Shubenacadie River. As the name suggests, R.O.A.R NOIR will be held under a dark night sky, around a blazing bonfire. We’ll gather with drums in hand to step into the flow of the land and the primordial heartbeat of humanity. In the spirit of harvest celebration, expect an evening of improvisational, joyous, unifying connection. Vive la célébration!


Come and tap into the Being within; re-experience the magic, potency and potential of a dark sky. Find your Self and your community. We're looking for you.  XO


Because we need to work with the elements, R.NOIR's will have a pop-up style format wherein announcements could be made with a week's notice or just a couple of days. The Activation Sessions newsletter and Facebook business pg and group will be the main way that we convey these announcements, especially helpful for those last minute gatherings.  These experiences are offered to the Activation Sessions community as our way of expressing our love and gratitude for your continued participation, support and belief in this mission. Be sure to join us on Facebook or sign up for the newsletter, if you fancy participating.

The evening starts at 7 p.m. and ends under a dark sky, at 10 p.m. The time between is for fire, drumming and connection. The drums start at 8 and roll for one full hour, straight. We feel free to move in and out of the flow, like breathing, as we feel the heartbeat through our bodies and allow that energy to move and activate the 'New' in us. 


R.O.A.R NOIR is a genuine celebration of nature and community and an ignition of the fire within us all! We are SO excited to see you out!




We are outdoors and on semi-groomed, uneven trails and landscape so please come with:

- Proper footwear. Hiking / walking boots are appropriate

- Dress in warm layers - it's fall

- Lawn chair

- Blanket

- Flashlight / Head lamp

- Rain gear (if needed) 

- Bug spray (if needed)

- Beverage(s) (**see below**)


IMPORTANT! This only works if you participate, so be sure to bring your drum, shaker, rattle, tambourine, bongo, chacka's, etc. Something to shake out your 'wild thing'! If you can and you don't mind sharing, please bring along any extra instruments for those who may not have. xo


** NOIR is not a 'dry' event so feel free to come with your preferred beverage. Please just drink responsibly, you've got a dark drive home and you're responsible for getting there safely.


There are no rain dates and we'll only cancel a scheduled event if the weather changes, the ground is too wet and unstable or unforeseen circumstances occur. Another reason to join the FB group!

DATE: October, 2023 / TBA

TIME: 7 - 9 p.m. AST


LOCATION: Private Residence near Schubenacadie, NS (Exact coordinates will be provided upon registration. Be sure to use a CURRENT email address to register)


CONTRIBUTION: FREE / We only ask that you RSVP, for numbers. To register hit the TICKETS button.


DONATIONS:If you love what we're doing here so much that you've just gotta' show it with a contribution, we'd never turn you away! ;-) You can always send a donation to Every dime is felt and appreciated.

Step into the fire & flow and ignite your ROAR!


!! IMPORTANT !! LIABILITY RELEASE AGREEMENT / Please Read and Understand Prior to RSVPing

You are in a natural environment!  Please be aware that you are in a naturally wild and unpredictable environment and are responsible for your own well-being and safety. We have done our utmost to create a safe experience for everyone but ultimately each is responsible for their own security.


You agree that by attending a ROAR NOIR or any other outside event held on the property, YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that you have or may have in the future against Activation Sessions / Atlantic Ground Control Inc and their directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, representatives, (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the "RELEASEES") and TO RELEASE THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury including death that you may incur as a result of your participation on the property, DUE TO ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE, ON THE PART OF THE RELEASEES TO PROTECT ME FROM THE NATURAL, INHERENT RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS OF BEING IN A WILD ENVIRONMENT.

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