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INTRODUCING.... Our Activated Contributors

We are the New Earth Wisdom Keepers and Architects of the Awakened Reality.  We're a conscious and passionate collective of explorers, healers, teachers, channels, activists, authors, artists & creatives, visionaries and soul sovereign bad asses alike who are actively co-creating the new Awakened 5D Reality, together.  


There's a New Earth Wisdom emerging from many at this time and this site is dedicated to showcasing that information and the wisdom keepers who share it. We're done waiting for change as we are the change makers! We're the architects of the future, today. So what will your unique contribution be?

* Ailsa Keppie | Healer. Author. Edgewalker. Spirit Activist. Priestess  ~ "I am creator of Pleasure for Health." 

* Amanda Winters Oickle |
Healer. Empath. Conscious Communicator. Earth Artist. Goddess ~ "I have a deep calling to share my insights and uplifting messages with the world. I hope to reach those who need it the most!"

* Eric Allen  | Inspirational Author. Speaker. Spiritual Guide ~ I’ve always lived by the rule “less is more. Keep it simple."

* Genie Bright | Conscious Activator. Conduit for Love's Expansion on Earth. Renegade of the Stars  ~ "I am an open channel for high, or deep-level guidance and periodically  I receive and share communications regardin
g the navigation of our ascension journey." 

* Heather LeBlanc | Teacher. Mentor. Channel. Healer. Activist ~ "My sole purpose is to serve as a catalyst to humanity itself and individuals in the ascension/awakening process."

* Izzy Boivin | Metaphysicist. Galactic Consciousness Integration Coach. Mediator ~ "It is my mission to assist humanity onward and upward with these new shifts in consciousness."

*  Janos (John) Neder |  Martial Artist. Author. Activist. Healer ~ "My passion is to help people develop self determination in a way that works for them."

* Jodi Burke | Artist. Author. Awakener  ~ " I am here to help birth in a new earth of a higher vibration."

* Kerry Ford | Rebel Mentor. Dogged Visionary.  Consumed liberator. Eternal student. Nature Junkie.  ~ "I am focused on sovereign health for Self leadership that transforms work and builds  impactful legacies."

* Kim Coleman |  Healer. Teacher. Speaker. Mentor. Catalyst ~ "Presence, embodiment, consciousness, creating and actualizing are the platforms of my work."

* Meghan Lynn | Astrologer. Cosmic Poet. Seeker of Knowledge.
  ~ "I am a modern Cosmic Oracle with over 25 years under my belt as a Student of the Stars"

* Lisabeth Fauble | Musician. Singer / Songwriter.  Researcher. Author. Alchemist.  ~ "We aim to ignite the light within each soul who hears our music so we can co-create a better world for everyone.."

* Rand Freeman | Truth seeker. Writer. Activist. Catalyst ~  "I wish to help others clear a path for themselves through the confusing, conflicting, frustrating world in which we live."

* Randy Kaiser | Sovereign Money Creator. Teacher. Catalyst. Activist  ~ "I am - an Abundant Healthy Sovereign Loving Harmonious and Imaginative Man, Co Creating Abundance, Sovereignty Health Love and Euphoria for ALL with God"

* Ricky Goodall | Mixed Martial Artist. Coach. Speaker. Healer. Ceremonial High Magician. Higher Self  ~ "It's my mission and purpose to help you remember this truth so you can wake up to YOUR mission and purpose."

* Sharon English |  Author. Mentor. Teacher. Planetary Steward. Earth Alchemist ~ "Writing is my way of listening. I'm drawn to the relationship between people and place, how places shape and guide us. My writing seems to emerge from reckoning with where I am in time and space, and a search for deep kinship and authenticity in all ways."

* SOUNDbeings |  Sound healers. Teachers. Mentors ~ "We bring a lot of real world experience to our specialism in sound healing, providing us with a keen insight into the needs of all our clients in attempting to deal with the demands of modern day life."

* Tony Knight |  A new Earth INveSTAR. Writer. Speaker. Ecopreneur. Co-creator of DeFi Freedom. Kryptonite to the matrix~ "I am here on Earth to awaken freedom in humanity, through expressing and applying the natural laws of reality to our lives."
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