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Kim Coleman is a life long entrepreneur known as an energy Ninja, an influencer, an intuitive, a visionary, a mentor, a body whisperer, an activator, a connector, a badass of consciousness and so much more.   Being in communion with all that is whether it is nature itself, a sweet body on her table or beings/bodies in her events and classes is how she chooses to show up in the world, in communion with all that is.  Her playful sense of humor, her expanded awareness, the intense Divine love that she embodies with her gentleness and potency allows her to deliver spot on info in ways that people will receive it in body, mind and beingness. 

Inspiring you to know that you know is only a small piece of her mysteriously magical capacities.  Where you might be stuck, limiting yourself, judging yourself and blocking your potential whether it is from this lifetime or another, regardless if it is from your ancestral lineage or DNA, maybe it is in the collective of humanity, it all just kind of shows itself to her in the incredible safe space of allowance that she naturally is.  It’s as if it says to her…’Hi, here I am’!  She uses words and no words to transmit whatever is required that will contribute to you whether you are on the phone or in person, to free yourself and to create more space for you to live from and to be.  It’s fun for her. 

Trained and certified in a list of modalities as long as your arm Kim also certifies others in many.  Kim has spoken on many summits and large events.  She speaks to the leader within you, the healer within you, the magic within you, the Divine within you and whatever else will contribute to you, inviting you to calibrate to the greatness, the magnificence that you be….this facilitates you to remember your sovereignty, who you truly are and how to be a walking embodiment of that in your body, your mind and in your world.

What else is possible?  All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory.  Kim invites us to be the energy of that, to occupy and be the space of that and to be the consciousness of that. It’s just like that!

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