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Janos Neder

János Néder: I was born in Budapest, Hungary and came to Canada as a refugee in 1956 along with my Parents, Maternal Grandmother and Uncle. It was growing up in a tight knit immigrant family influenced by my Grandmother’s many weird and wonderful folk tales of gypsies, ghosts and the like from the “old country” that initially sparked my lifelong interest in European folklore and mysticism.

As a teenager coming of age in the sixties, the prevailing zeitgeist of the times inspired me to delve into Eastern Spirituality in search of wisdom and self development. This initial impetus turned into to a lifelong study of Martial Arts, Healing Arts, various Eastern and Western Esoteric disciplines. This in turn eventually lead me to a career as a Registered Massage Therapist until my retirement in 2017.

Why I chose to become a Tarot Reader:

My ongoing passion is to help people develop self awareness in a way that works for them. I am a strong advocate of independent thought and action based on the acquisition of intuitive guidance coupled with knowledge and first hand experience.

There are many things to be learned in regards to our journey through this life and to help guide us we have a vast repository of knowledge and experience buried in our innermost selves. There are many methods for accessing this inner storehouse, some are as old as Humanity itself. The Tarot is only one path among many to knowing one's True Self, but when used correctly it is a powerful one.

© Janos Neder 2022

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