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In 1988, a young woman version of Genie Bright experienced a life changing event in the form of an up-close encounter with a UFO.  The experience may have, in part, been a preparation for another key moment of deep transformation that was yet to happen.


In 1994, Genie's world was rocked deeply while on a Hopi reserve in Arizona when the elders shared an urgent message regarding the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and what that would mean for our world.  Learning about this prophecy was like waking up from a dream and Genie's life and perception dramatically shifted.  Please refer to Genie's expanded profile for  a more detailed version of this prophecy and what it means for us at this critical time in history.


Since then, her main mission is acting as mid-wife to the birth of mass awakening of consciousness on earth and the resulting paradigm shift that we are presently undergoing at an accelerated rate. 


Genie is an RMT who specializes in a gentle manual therapy called Matrix Repatterning.  This wholistic form of treatment was developed by Dr. George Roth, DC, ND of Ontario, Canada.  It is based on the understanding of the body as an interconnected fabric from head to toe and targets the deep fascial architecture of the body.  The goal of this work is to systematically discover and treat restrictions deep within the framework of the body, ultimately restoring balance and structural integrity at a molecular level.  Please refer to for more information.

Matrix Repatterning


In addition, she explores a colourful tool box of integrative healing modalities including various energy approaches, tuning forks, Emotion Code work, fascial therapy, ascension coaching, postural healing exploration and light language transmissions.


She is an open channel for high, or deep-level guidance and periodically receives and shares communications regarding the navigation of our ascension journey.  


Genie currently practices at the Watershed Wellness clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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