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About the Sessions (Production Arm)

Simply put the Activation Sessions is the production vehicle and dream machine for Atlantic Ground Control Inc. We're a live production house and we create enlightening, sovereign entertainment. We're passionate and driven by the desire to bring like minds and hearts together in authentic and transformative ways and we aim to bring meaning and integrity back to the 'entertainment' industry while providing invaluable, life changing experiences for ALL who partake in our offerings.

About Kerry

My name is Kerry Forbes.. (nope, no relation!) and I'm a seeker and an eternal optimist. Always have been. I  grew up in a family of creatives with a mother who was a gifted astrologer and free thinker, who loved to throw parties with all of her creative, psychic, channeling, tarot card reading, trans-medium, cosmic pals and I loved being in the mix of it all, so there was really only one destination for me ... somewhere outside of the box. My sovereignty was pretty much guaranteed from the womb!

It took me decades of working 'real jobs' and trying to fit into that landscape to discover what I'm not and what my true calling actually is, I'm a Sovereign, Producer, Artist, Activator, Healing Facilitator and my obsession in this life is and always has been 'clearing emotional density held within the body and the 'Field', assisting the evolution of consciousness and helping as many people as possible return to a natural state of health and Sovereignty.

As a hands on practitioner I have training in a number of modalities but I find the most effective way for me to wield my particular 'magic' is through sound and particularly Solfeggio tuning forks, drums, shakers, etc. I wouldn't call myself a 'sound healer' exactly (for there are professionals out there who have extensive training in the field) but what I would say is that I've found the most direct and aligned tools for me, that help delivery my own brand of healing intensity. My goal is to help as many bods as I can, access the healer within, which ultimately puts 'health sovereignty' back into our own hands.


The days of relying solely on doctors and the medical establishment are coming to an end. We absolutely have the power to heal our own bodies if the right conditions are cultivated and the belief is real. Sound and frequency will be the new medicine of the 21st Century and well beyond! The power to heal is within OUR hands, NOW.


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