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Heather Leblanc

Heather LeBlanc is blessed to be a channel for the High Authority of Light. 


When making a Channeling connection Heather can assist others in designing a new life template outside of trauma, and help align you to a new current expression within. Through this state deep shadow self work can be done fluently.


Heather uses the body to clear and release old outdated information within the cellular structure and heart-sphere. This is the starting point for learning how to manifest healing and positive experiences through vibration and frequency. She is a teacher of re-creating ones divine template of the now time reality and her ability to witness the omni-dimensional layers of consciousness within healing is what drives her forward on a full mission here on earth. 


She is a Licensed Grief Counselor, Ascension Coach, Animal Communicator, Clairaudient, Quantum Energy Worker, Frequency Coach and Initiated Soul Chard Healer. 


Heather is mindfully aware of the multidimensional consciousness of self: soul, oversoul and beyond. Heather is Super-conscious of the incredible significance of inner-standing masculine and feminine energies and through the power of balance she may be considered a modern day mystic in her approach to integration and healing. 

Heather has spent 20 years in the holistic industry, and a lifetime of spiritual seeking that led to 3 game changing energetic movements that shifted her consciousness indefinitely. 

Overall her sole purpose is to serve as a catalyst to humanity itself and individuals in the ascension/awakening process. It is through creating safe space, facilitating, and supporting those on their own journey of self discovery that she hopes to see ALL open up to the new operating system of the now with: Light codes, The full expression of the soul, DNA-upgrades, Resetting the crystalline DNA, New personal templates, Powerful frequencies, recalibration, Galactic knowledge, and a comfort within. 

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