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Amanda Winters Oickle

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Amanda has the calling to share her insights and uplifting messages with the world. Her hope is to reach those who need it the most!

Oh life you keep throwing major punches, but Amanda is still standing, able to flow around these hard hits. As she reflects on her life, she realizes how much growth her soul has done. How much each step shows her,  her life path. She used to feel so lost, on the outskirts of this world looking in, never really understanding why she was here. She didn't feel she was contributing to the world in any way. However, that is far from the truth. She was born caring for people, making sure they could get past the hard times. Even strangers, she never hesitates to put her hand out to help. She used to do this at the expense of her health and soul. She has now realized in these past years that this is no longer the case. She listens to her body and soul when it needs to recharge, she does. She realized she can't give to others if she herself is depleted. She sets boundaries in her life and sticks to them, even if she knows it might not work for others, but she no longer fears that. She now finds it easy to say "no" or to speak her truth. Most people would say she was born with natural mother energy but she disagrees. She came in with the grandmother (crone) energy, as she is not here to parent anyone. She is here with wisdom to pass on, hugs and of course unconditional love.


Amanda has always felt older then everyone. She truly feels she skipped the maiden and mother aspects as her soul and she's come to this earth embodying crone energy.  Wisdom, clarity, insight, compassion and knowledge. A culmination of a lifetime of experiences throughout all timelines and lifetimes. This energy burns through her. It just took her years to understand this.


Each day she opens up to more wisdom that has kept locked, deep inside her DNA.   We only gain wisdom through our experiences whether they be good or bad.  She also says that she ADORES coming into the understanding of this energy in her own life, as she feels it has taught her how to love herself and how to take time and learn and be able to pass these lesson on to others.


Amanda did a lot of shadow work and upgrades to get to this space and place in her life, and even though it was uncomfortable at the time, it brought forth (and continues to do so), so much love energy and knowledge. She's still learning every day what her skills are, her true mission or reason she is here and she embrace each lesson, each up-gade, each set back in her souls journey. She is so grateful for the all around beautiful souls she interacts with and as she learns insights from them, her whole world has opened up to Universal knowledge. She keeps herself open to receive more light, love and truth. She hopes to pass some of that on to you.

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