An Omnipotent Creation of

Activation Sessions, SOUNDbeings & Growing Beyond

R.O.A.R: Reactivating Our Ancient Resonance


Before we were humans we were Gods. We still are. It’s time to remember.


An empowering, outdoor 'experience' of remembrance, offering tools and wisdom that help clear our path towards Soul Reclamation.  A poignant and profound ignition of sound, council and speakeasy, hosted in  dynamic, natural environments in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here is where our Truth, our passion and our purpose coalesce

DETAILS: Your host is the land itself and your facilitators for this particular session are Kim Coleman (Growing Beyond), Kerry Forbes (Activation Sessions) and special guests Nicole Tufts (Mystic Nic) & Micaela Comeau (Wuzzô) who together bring New Earth Activations for all!


PLEASE NOTE: The SOUNDbeings  are NOT available for this particular event. We invite special guests to participate when one of our original creators cannot be there. That said, we're thrilled to introduce you to our special guests of the day!


Welcoming Mystic Nic and Wuzzô  who will serenade you with magickal Earth-centred songs, toning, bowls, harp and percussion. This will be followed by a Lemurian Ulu workshop centered around calling in our dream of a new world. Then we'll be invited to listen to and express our bodies and voices in flow during a closing sound bath and toning session. This is an invitation to immerse in play, dance, exploration and breath. Be enchanted by Lullabies, musical stories and spells. Allow ourselves to be held by the land and our community. Learn old teachings to empower us to call in clarity, connect to our higher selves and find our song. We are sovereign , we are free, we are love. “I am that I am”!


Now we could try and give you all the information about this powerful, co-creative affair but we won't know exact details until we gather. We can tell you that the day will be spent outdoors, in rural NS, along the banks of the Schubenacadie River. Fire, Water, Air and Earth will all be present! Deep and transformative heart connections with the Earth and each other will be the result if we're doing it right. Beyond that we're confident that what 'needs to transpire and be' on the day, will be for everyone's benefit.  Our goal is to create and hold a container of possibility that supports a remembrance of our connection with the land and the ancient, cosmic lineage that lies untapped within each of us. The Earth holds the key and she supports our evolution as we support hers... and together we co-create the New Earth. That dear friends, is as much detail you get. The rest is up to your intuition. Do you feel the pull? (View the gallery below and explore the property).


This is an outdoor experience and you'll be on semi-groomed trails so please pack accordingly. (Hiking / walking boots, bug spray, bug gear, rain jacket (if needed). No rain date. We will ONLY cancel this event if it's a downpour, otherwise temporary cover will be in place.

DATE: Sunday October 30th, 2022

TIME: 12 - 4 p.m. ish


LOCATION: Schubenacadie, NS (Exact coordinates will be provided upon full registration. Be sure to use ONLY a current email address to register)


CONTRIBUTION:$90 (tx. incl.) To register hit the TICKETS button.



AUTOMATIC DONATION:We are cultivating 'Compassionate Community' so a portion of your ticket price will contribute to another's ability to join us. If you or someone you know is struggling and you feel this experience would contribute, please reach out to us on social media or by email PRIOR to the event and let us know. We will have a draw and randomly choose recipients, before each event.

THINGS TO BRING:Everyone does it differently. Bring whatever will enhance your experience and assist you after you leave. We suggest any or all of the following: 

- Something to sit on, either a lawn or gravity chair

- We're outdoors for the day so dress accordingly - bug spray, bug gear, layers, boots, etc.

- Yoga Mat

- Journal or diary

- Blanket, pillow

- Your healing tools

- Instruments, drums, shakers

- Crystals, bowls, etc.

- Beverage(s)

- Light snack to share with the group

- If you're an artist creator, feel free to bring your wares to sell. We have a place for that!

... AND of course your courage, your willingness, your heart and your play.

Every one of us has wisdom to share.

Get ready to step into the circle and ROAR!

Meet Our Special Guests

Nicole Tufts (Mystic Nic): Nicole is a Psychic Medium, Teacher and Ascension way shower. She has dedicated her life to the path of Remembering Divinity. She believes that dedication to personal growth serves not only ourselves but all those we love - past, present, and future.

Nicole believes that each seeker must find the modalities for ascension that align the most with them. The best teachers do not give us the answers but remind us that we have the answers within ourselves. The teacher shares tools to connect to that divine self. But the student chooses to pick them up. This creates a relationship built on empowerment of the seeker and not a power over or a saviour victim relationship.

Nicole currently resides in Gaspereau, Canada and teaches through music production, art and story telling. Nic is committed to being a steward of this sacred land, and is part of the New Earth movement to remember and re-imagine what is possible for the human race. She believes that by committing to delve growth, cultivating intentional community, connecting to the Earth’s wisdom and integrating sustainable technologies we have the power to create a future where we can be sovereign.


Micaela Comeau (Wuzzô): Micaela Comeau is a singer-songwriter, producer, composer, music teacher and playwright. Her artist name is Wuzzô and the works she composes are melodic, ethereal and playful. In both composition and teaching, Micaela prioritizes play, expression and conscious language. Language and music are big factors in cultivating our environment and shaping our consciousnesses, so Micaela’s practice is dedicated to deepening that awareness.

The Land Is Our HOST... We encourage you to EXPLORE!

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