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An Omnipotent Collaboration

SOUNDbeings, Growing Beyond & Activation Sessions

R.O.A.R: Reactivating Our Ancient Resonance


Before we were humans we were Gods. We still are. It’s time to remember.


An empowering 'experience' of remembrance, offering tools and wisdom that help clear our path towards Soul Reclamation.  A poignant and profound ignition of sound, council and speakeasy, hosted in a variety of safe and dynamic environments both indoors and out in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here is where our Truth, our passion and our purpose coalesce

DETAILS: Your host is the land itself and your facilitators are Phil & Rita Crosbie (SOUNDbeings), Kim Coleman (Growing Beyond) and Kerry Forbes (Activation Sessions). We could try and give you all the details about this powerful, co-creative affair but we won't know exactly what those are until we gather. We can tell you that the day will be spent outdoors, along the banks of the Schubenacadie River. There will be fire, water, air and Earth, all present. Heart, Truth, Connection and Transformation will be the result. Beyond that we're confident that what 'needs to transpire and be' on the day, will.  Our goal is to invigorate your sense of curiosity and adventure while urging you to make a 'GUT CALL'  based purely on the vibration of what's on offer! Do you feel a pull?


This is an outdoor experience and you'll be on semi-groomed trails so please pack accordingly. (Hiking / walking boots, bug spray, bug gear, rain jacket (if needed). No rain date. We will ONLY cancel this event if it's a downpour, otherwise temporary cover will be in place.

DATE: Saturday June 18, 2022


LOCATION: Schubenacadie, NS (Exact coordinates will be provided 24 hrs. prior to event.)


CONTRIBUTION:$90 (tx. incl.) To register hit the TICKETS button. 


AUTOMATIC DONATION:A portion of your ticket price will contribute to another's ability to join us. If you or someone you know is struggling and you feel this experience would contribute, please reach out to us on social media or by email PRIOR to the event and let us know. We will have a draw and randomly choose recipients, before each event.

THINGS TO BRING:Everyone does it differently. Bring whatever will enhance your experience and assist you after you leave. We suggest any or all of the following: 

- Something to sit on, either a lawn or gravity chair

- We're outdoors for the day so dress accordingly - bug spray, bug gear, layers, boots, etc.

- Yoga Mat

- Journal or diary

- Blanket, pillow

- Your healing tools

- Instruments, drums, shakers

- Crystals, bowls, etc.

- Snacks & beverages (Depending on the venue, tea will be available)

... AND your courage, your willingness, your heart and your play

Every one of us has wisdom to share.

Get ready to step into the circle and ROAR!

The Property Is Your HOST... EXPLORE!

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