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‘’If you think telekinesis is the pinnacle of psychic abilities, think again. You’re still barely scratching the surface…”    Izzy


So what makes a person a metaphysicist? Simply put, the more we relax our nervous system, the more prana our physical body can take in, the more we can feel the environment around us, the more we can use our prana to directly affect our environment. So if, for example, we had a good understanding of the properties of an atom,  enough life force to feel the electrons moving around the nucleus, then we could use our life force to freeze the electrons and restructure the nucleus of that atom. Congratulations, you just understood the mystical Philosopher’s Stone.


To me psychic abilities are just our Right brain, sensing/feeling, merging into our Left brain, analyzing/knowing which gives birth to metaphysics. From there we can start applying it for the greater good, whether it be alchemizing our atmosphere from the CO2 or pulling plastic out of our oceans with telekinesis, the potential is limitless, as we as humans, are in fact, limitless.


As we are still evolving as a species we are slowly starting to not only remember our true potential, but also our connection to the stars and other multidimensional beings. It is my mission to assist humanity onward and upward with these new shifts in consciousness.


With much Love and Gratitude, Izzy

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