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GONG Bathing

Welcome, Beautiful Vibration... You've just joined the LOVE revolution and are about to experience the next wave in sound healing events!

Sound and frequency heals mind, body and spirit and we are dedicated to providing dynamic, immersive experiences that offer a comfortable environment of community, connection and deep healing. Together we RISE XO!

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New Year, New Moon, New YOU!
A Part of the Love Convergence Series


Thurs. February 23, 2023

Where: Alderney Landing Theatre, Dartmouth
When: 7 - 9 p.m. AST (Doors open @ 6:30 pm)
Contribution: $55 tx. incl. + applicable venue fees. Tickets @ theatre box office only. 


Join us for a unique experience that you just can't have anywhere else in the Maritimes, with 12 PAISTE planet gongs and the sound of being. A deeply personal and powerful sound journey like no other. Feel yourself transform as you discover and expand your true purpose in life.


The new moon energies will assist our vision quest, bringing personal growth, healing and clarity to us all. The experience of a gong bath is often life changing and it's the BEST bath we can have fully clothed!


Between Jan 22nd and March 3rd the energy is primed to offer us clarity, purpose, manifestation and help in letting go of that which no longer serves. We are in the NEW MOON phase now and it's the first cycle of the New Year so it’s a great time for connecting with our glorious, unapologetic authentic selves, and letting our whole being shine.


It is the perfect time to plant seeds for the future [not just for this year] and to 'power up' in readiness so that we may create our new personal world that will bring harmony to all.

We'd like to thank Josephine Wall for the use of her beautiful image. Find more of her art at


An unparalleled experience of sound and frequency that will resonate with the whole of your being and the infinity of your soul. Relax and journey with cosmic gong song and converge with LOVE to help create the loving New Earth.

NOTE:  Be sure to read our suggestions to make the most out of your time with us!


SOUNDbeings are Authorised PAISTE DEALERS and will have some gongs for sale

To ensure a smooth ride, we've put together below, a short list of 'helpful tips' that will assist you getting the most out of your gong bath journey.


Our goal is to provide you with the most immersive experience possible.

* We will be lying down so bring a yoga / camping mat, gravity chair, blanket, eye mask, pillow, etc.

* In the few days preceding the gathering date we suggest you avoid alcohol, sugars and caffeine

* Shower or bathe before the session

* Bring water and be hydrated, but not so much you need to break the session to go to the bathroom

* Wear loose clothing [or if you can float in a pool or the bath, even better


* Get comfortable and give yourself some lead time in order to relax and focus.

* Participate fully by not talking prior to the meditation

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