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Lisabeth Fauble

Modern Day Fable is a light-seeking collective of interchangeable artists working together to create music that promotes love, peace, and justice In society. We use music to promote the inherent right to freedom and compassion for all beings on Earth, especially the suffering and downtrodden. Modern Day Fable aims to help people find purpose, healing, and strength through conscious music.

Group founder Fable has worked as a solo artist and frontwoman for Modern Day Fable since 2009 and has performed at venues throughout the US. She is a classically trained master musicologist, singer/songwriter, musician, and composer who contributes vocals, lyrics, and composition, serves as a sound engineer, and produces most tracks for this fluid band of motley musicians. She also plays the flute tracks and strums some of the rhythm guitar parts.

Mandy Lynn is a multitalented, self-taught musician and lyricist who performs hauntingly beautiful piano, keyboard, and synth compositions throughout the group's tracklist.

Music is the most potent healing force for humanity we have yet discovered. This music embraces that healing nature and presents it to the world to inspire healing and change for the greater good of all. We aim to ignite the light within each soul who hears this music so we can co-create a better world for everyone.


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