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Rand Freeman

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Welcoming Rand to the Activation Sessions. Rand was born in May 1965 in Hamilton Ontario.


He graduated from high school in 1983 and joined the Canadian Forces.  He returned to Hamilton in 1989 to attend university, whilst maintaining an involvement with the Naval Reserve.


He re-joined the Canadian Forces as a Regular Force Naval Officer in 1997.  He has lived throughout Canada, and retired in 2017 to the Nova Scotia South Shore, accompanied by his dog Breeze.


He is single and enjoys landscaping, reading on a wide range of topics and economics.  He enjoys physical fitness and aims to return to distance running in the near future.  


Rand has acquired a great deal of knowledge through the years of his study.  He has forgotten much of it, and retained what he considers to be most important.  And he strives to learn more.  He wishes to help others to clear a path for themselves through the confusing, conflicting, frustrating world in which we live.  He is the first to admit that he may be wrong, and is always open to the possibilities of what may be. 

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