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Collaborative Sessions

Oracle / K2 Activation Sessions

When we come together in inspiration, with like-hearted partners we 'super charge' and accelerate everything that we intend and create together and this is certainly true of the work that Kim and I are doing together. Kim calls it an Oracle session and I call it a K2 and that's just because we're different and we bring different powers to the table but both mean accelerated healing and transformation for you. 

As a healer Kim is absolutely the real deal and being in her orbit changes you. She invites the highest version of yourself to step forward...and this is why it excites me so to be offering accelerated healing sessions with this powerful woman! We've taken it outside into a beautiful and quiet, screened off studio space on the shores of Shortts Lake. We're offering 1 hr., DNA activating, deep cellular healing sessions by the lakeside. Here you will be bathed in nature as the birds sing, the chimes chime, the lapping of the lake and the rustle of the leaves blowing and so much more. Having the symphony of nature support and further activate your session is sound healing at a whole other level.

Kim has this crazy 'magic touch’ thing she does for healing and activating 'what is True within you'. It's a sixth sense amplified to the 100th power. She is a powerful shaman who activates light codes and your own sacred geometry within you, as well as helping you embody the Divine within. Myself, I bring the sound component. Like an energetic jazz player, I never know the tune, I'm just going with the flow. I step into your own energy field and work off of what your body and field tell me. I never know what I'm going to use as a sound tool and I always rely on your body and your own awareness to guide me to where those sounds should ideally be focused. We use muscle testing to allow your body to determine what frequencies will best serve it and when we marry the technical with the emotional / energetic and we go in with an intention of dissolving deep cellular density, healing, magic and transformation happens. Every time. These are sessions that will directly assist your ongoing spiritual / emotional / physical process' and evolution into your New Reality.


...  lastly and symbolically speaking, K2 is in reference and reverence to the 2nd highest mountaintop in the world. Many who have climbed it have said that "it will either kill you or make you invincible" and we joking (and not so jokingly) feel that these amplified sessions provide a very real opportunity for you to summit the heights of your own soul's ready?!


Located on beautiful Shortts Lake near Brookfield NS (approx. 50 min. from downtown Halifax)


$200 (with a $50 deposit)



We're BACK and delighted to be at the start of another powerful season of deep healing and remembrance on the beautiful shores of Shortts Lake. xo

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