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In 1967, at the age of ten, Eric Allen was attracted to the martial arts. He fell in love not just with the physicality of it, but with the beautiful philosophy on which it was based. While all of his friends were playing team sports, Eric was off by himself 4 to 6 hours a day, diligently practicing Kenpo and meditating.


By fifteen he became one of the top instructors at the school. Over the years, after receiving black belts in various styles, Eric started creating his own unique style and started to expand his philosophical knowledge by reading hundreds of books on religions and new age thoughts. Through years of trial and error Eric started to share his own unique philosophy that was working well in his own life. It wasn’t long before many others became attracted to his fun, happy, peaceful, calm energy and started to incorporate this philosophy into their own lives.


 At 21 yrs. old he moved from Philadelphia to S. California. He made his living as a personal trainer and worked with some of the most famous celebrities and business elite in the world. As a Master Martial Artist, he choreographed fight scenes for TV and film. As a Fitness Expert and Wellness Coach he helped actors stay in shape or get in shape for particular roles.


Through the years he shared his Self-Empowerment philosophies with his private clients. Many of them asked him to write down his positive philosophies of life which they had enjoyed and incorporated into their own lives.


 Eventually he decided to put his personal thoughts about Life and Spirituality into books entitled THE NEW WAY… The Ultimate Guide for Personal Power and THE NEW AWAKENING…Thoughts to Inspire, Empower, Enlighten, and Entertain.  Both books reached #1 on Amazon Kindle. These books are dedicated to all those who wish to enjoy their physical and spiritual journey without any religious attachments.


Today, at 65, he lives in Florida and continues to devote his life to being an example of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


 As an Inspirational author, speaker, and spiritual guide Eric Allen shares his insights to groups by invitation and also offers personal private sessions by Skype. You may visit his beautiful, relaxing website at  to enjoy some of his positive, uplifting quotes and get more information.


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