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Dragon Activation Sessions

I thought I knew who I was but then I remembered who I AM

 Transmuting Identity

Inspiring Force, or Dragon, is the creative, dynamic, shape-shifting energy that awakens all life. Ancient peoples have long recognized the presence and fundamental importance of ethereal Dragon energy, which flows into and through our world as a vital and enduring, transformative power. Weaving through the land and rising within us, Dragon is primal, the life-force, “destroying old forms to create enduring new relations” (I Ching).

Rolling head long into the Aquarian age, Dragons are here to usher in a new, fiery energy and assist our transition by helping us unearth and empower our Essential Self. Dragon energy clears out old and outdated information and frequencies, and offers courage, clarity and a whole lot of new life force to work with. Dragon energy heals and transmutes and if we allow, leads us to our own magic, power and potential.

AT'S ON OFFER: An outdoor experience of unparalleled uniqueness, providing opportunities to to be in a high frequency, naturally wild environment with like hearts and minds, where you'll meet yourself and each other in ways that will shock, surprise, delight, enthrall, empower and unify. Based on a foundation of nature, silence, courage and allowance, this is not a 'doing' experience, or even a receiving experience, exactly. It is a Transmuting Adventure where we courageously walk into our own unknown and lift the veil on our fears and resistance in order to experience ourselves in the fullest, most authentic and empowered ways possible. The more we lean in, the deeper we go. What you will 'get' from a session is entirely based on your level of allowance. And so it is.


What's on the buffet table of possibilities:

* Accelerated group transmutation (healing)

* Re-set of the nervous system

* Restoration of the body / mind connection

* Heightened intuition

* Dissolving of belief systems, loops, patterns and undermining behaviours

* Frequency Bath! Integration of Original Source Code Frequencies

* Interpreting and empowering our inner / outer world in new and expansive ways

* Anything that exists within the infinite realm


A short list of possibilities to be sure, for we understand that we are restricted only by our perceived limitations... Oh and you will meet your resistance and ain't that grand, for then we can finally love, transmute and liberate whatever is behind it!

GROUP COHERENCE ACTIVATIONS:  These Activation sessions are small and deliberate gatherings (max 3 participants). They are inherently quiet and deeply restorative, release and integration sessions where we will collectively experience the power of group transmutation. Your time on the land will be spent mainly outdoors in the summer then a blend of indoor / outdoor in the colder months and each session will magnetize together the exact, unique individual frequencies (participants) that will most perfectly inform, support and accelerate the process of transformation for everyone in the group (a quantum healing experience).

We will meet in the morning, make introductions and say what needs to be said. We will breathe deeply together and ready our Being for change. Then we’ll move silently into the woods accompanied only by the beat of the drum(s). Solo time spent in the vortex. Meeting thy Self (approx. 30 min).

We will conclude back inside the tent where you’ll assume a comfortable position on your mat and I will work my magic on you. I'm like a tuning fork that is precisely attuned to the very special frequencies of the land itself and together with your allowance, we gently work these energies into the body by calming and supporting your nervous system and assisting your body in its graceful integration of the new vibrations and information that will be freshly permeating your entire Being. After which we snack, chat and conclude and go forth into our lives and change the world!

SESSION LOCATION: Our home base is in beautiful farm country, Urbania, NS (Approx. 30 min. North from Stanfield Airport). As this is a private residence, exact location details will be provided upon registration. ** Pet Alert: Please note that there is a resident, indoor cat (Quail) and our outdoor Forest Queen (Zara) on site, who may or may not participate in session work **

SESSION RATES: GROUP SESSIONS (Max 3 participants) / 2.5 hrs ish / $75.00 + hst / pp

Summer Introductory Rate! Please note that rates are subject to change in the fall, without notice.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: (1 on1) / 3  hrs  = $150.00 + hst

UPCOMING SESSIONS: July 12 & 26, 2024. Group sessions are scheduled every 2nd Friday. Additional dates will be added as sessions fill. Weather 'rain check' days will always be held the following week. See the FULL SCHEDULE  OR RESERVE YOUR SPOT

TIME: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. ish

RELEASE & LIABILITY: Before registering, please take a moment to read and understand the Terms and Release we set out, on the Registration page.

WHAT TO BRING AND OTHER DETAILS:  Can be found under 'About the Event' on the registration page. HERE

   About the Sessions

When our readiness for catharsis meets our highest intentions and deepest desires and is offered with trust and allowance, magic results. Welcome to the Year of the Dragon and the new Aquarian Age! Are you ready? We haven't been here before. These times invite us to architect a way forward via a loving and powerful connection with Self and Nature, and with each other, in order to learn a new way of Being that is joyful, lovingly empowered and harmonious with the all.

​Enter the Dragon Activation Sessions: Like a giant serpent, the mighty Shubenacadie River snakes its way through the province and through this primordial property, bringing with it the transformative power of the tides and the activating energies of the Dragon ley lines. This is the land of the Mi'kmaq First Nations and this property was but a small section of terrain that the people used to move between winter and summer settlements. Their energy is strongly present here still, and their medicine accessible if met with courage, respect, and an open, willing heart.

Just as our bodies have Meridian Lines, so does the Earth, and her Ley Lines are known as 'Dragon Lines'. This property runs alongside the central Ley Line of the province, and as the energy increases on the planet, these lines 'broadcast' higher and higher frequencies that supercharge the land around them, allowing us easy access to greater information coming in as pure, Source coded frequency. These codes are fully accessible to us now, if we're ready to accept them.

​The new higher dimensional frequencies, together with our conscious assimilation of them, are capable of changing the game entirely. These frequencies effortlessly dissolve the inner false structure (matrix) and assist us in activating and expanding our Highest Heart and most Authentic Self. Our only 'job' is to get out of the way of the process and allow for the shifts to occur! We are in a metamorphic stage of remembering who we actually are and why we're here and the natural world will be our guide, our teacher, our doctor, our religion and our answer, moving forward.


   The  Work  That I  Do


Grid workers around the planet work to clear density from her lines, and I do the same within bodies themselves. I work with nature and her elements to help people find that place of deep, internal calm  so that the body is able to effortlessly release and easily transmute old information and frequencies. This beautifully organic process, naturally results in the cultivation of higher levels of consciousness and assists us in breaking down those limiting belief systems and structures know, those hard to pin down feelings that keep us playing small in life and leave us in a perpetual state of confusion, anxiety, depression, fear and overwhelm.

​I am passionate and skilled at locating and shifting density (stuck emotions) in the body and in the field using sound, frequency, intention and my own brand of intuitive, healing body work. I know that transmuting old information is MUCH easier than what we've been led to believe and ultimately we're ALL healers and the best practitioner for us is actually US!

My tools are primarily Solfeggio tuning forks, used on and off body, along with my own blend of healing touch skills: an amalgam of Reiki, BodyTalk, massage, and my own fiery activations. I work to ease your body and nervous system into a state of deep relaxation and recovery, so that new energies and correct information can begin to flow again. Essentially, we are creating a newly informed, highly charged, conducive healing environment within your body / mind that is fully capable of not only navigating but utilizing and optimizing the ever increasing energies on the planet.

Dissolving Density: The body when in overload will store injury, stress and trauma (mental, physical and emotional)  as dense energy within both the body and within the energetic field itself. When natural Chi flow is interrupted or having to divert, blockages form, and that density often becomes physical imbalance and dis-ease, if left unaddressed.

​Working indoors or out, my goal is simple and straightforward and my partner is always the land and ALL the Beings on it. My skills are unique to me and honed in a direction that will assist you in connecting deeply with Self and with nature and activating those long-forgotten portals of powers that lie within.  We all work together to bring your body / mind into a new and vibrant state of coherence, balance and flow.

*Artist Acknowledgement: A great big "thank you" goes out to Dragon Muse Artwork by Yvette Marie, for allowing me to use her amazing Dragon imagery. Please take a moment to view more of her outstanding work HERE. If you've found your artwork anywhere on this site, please reach out directly so I can give credit where credit is due! HERE




"Kerry is an incredibly gifted therapeutic sound healer who I absolutely adore.  She has this beautiful ease with physical bodies, energy bodies as well as all levels of ones’ being.  You will experience her many tuning forks, her Tibetan singing bowl that truly sings for her, her ocean drum, a 528 hertz Australian sounding tube, fairy laughter balls from Tibet, a steel tongue drum and so much more.  This is only one of her many superpowers.  She is also trained and certified in a gaggle of deeply beautiful therapeutic processes however her spot on intuition and awareness of what is in one’s field, body, mind and being and how she invites it to something different, blows my hair back."

Kim Coleman / Growing Beyond - Leader. Coach. Catalyst!

"Kerry combines her chosen modalities and her innate gifts to create a “unique to you” healing experience. Tuning into the wisdom of your Creator God Self, all of who you Are and Be. Her work opens the space and provides instructions for your bodies to shift and heal. Her hands are strong and her ears are keen to the messages of her divine healer within. Her sound healing is amazing; she knows which frequencies are needed and where to direct the energy for highest and best outcomes. Kerry is very intuitive to the story your body is telling and so; supports the healing that is being asked for by the many facets of You, Right Here, Right Now."


Valerie Hollingsworth; Energy Medicine Practitioner; Transformation Facilitator  / May 10, 2023


I deeply value Kerry’s profound and utterly unique approach to healing. Her treatments offer a whole-body and whole-spirit tuning. Kerry works directly with one’s creative energy field. With exquisite sensitivity, she discerns blockages at the levels of facia, muscle, deep tissue and beyond. Using sound and touch, she gently releases and clears these areas. After each session, I felt like I’d been through a massage, a spiritual journey, and a therapeutic release of pain and tension accumulated for years. Equally valuable, I’ve felt, have been the incredibly intuitive insights and inspiration she’s shared after each session. Kerry is the real deal, a healer who can harmonize the energies that shape us.


Sharon English - Writer and Teacher

Sweetly perfectly wonderfully magical and magnificent. YES!

The tale of activation. I absorbed the presence of Dragon activation medicine woman. Your session loosened the wings that were bound right to my spine and shoulders. I felt love from the ancestors and angels … and fire from the mystics… I was nested by tree ropes that cocooned her warrior self. All bound by love that human performed most often as a story of pain and burden. That shadow in the egg knowing there was a moment to break free to feel the glistening light. A tail and wings that needed to be set free. All truth has been right here. Always. Looking to the night sky knowing all was familiar to once cosmically fly .. ocean dive and forest climb. It has been one week since I greeted and shook those chained wings to break the ropes that buried too much of my head Into the mulched barks of her land. I lift my head … féel my body and feel the humm of the frequency sounding my song. these magnificent wings. Feathers from family, scales of my cloak, fire as breath where once choked. I drink water of the highest vibration. Thank you Kerry."

Mickie Mitchell Bowe - May 2023


"I want to share that my dragon energy session was exactly what I needed.  I was at a crossroads when I came across Activation Sessions and knew instantly that this was what I needed to help me make an informed choice of what to do next.  The land holds so much calming energy in which they,  with your permission,  work to bring clarity to you on the what's and why's. 


It holds sacred space for you to view your life and issues with broader perspective and new eyes,  clearing the debris so the light shine much more clearly.  I'd highly recommend these sessions to those wanting to do their inner work and release. I will definitely be back to play in that miraculous energy and play with the dragons again."

Shelley Bradley - June 2023

Dragons dwell here....


CONDITIONS & LIABILITY RELEASE; You are in a natural environment! Please be aware that you are in a naturally wild and unpredictable environment and are responsible for your own well-being and safety while on the property. We have done our utmost to create a safe experience for everyone but ultimately each is responsible for their own personal security.

You agree that by attending a DRAGON ACTIVATION or any other outside event held on the property, YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that you have or may have in the future against Activation Sessions / Atlantic Ground Control Inc and their directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, representatives, (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the "RELEASEES") and TO RELEASE THE RELEASEES from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury including death that you may incur as a result of participating on the property, due to any cause whatsoever, including inability on the part of the Releasees to protect me from the natural, inherent risks, dangers and haards of being in a wild environment.

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