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Dragon Activation Sessions

What is a Dragon Activation? It's the very best description I've heard used to describe my own 'brand' of healing magic. Just like our bodies have Meridian Lines so does the Earth, and her Ley Lines are known as 'Dragon Lines'. Grid workers around the world work to clear density from her lines as I do the same, within bodies themselves. In a nutshell, I'm all about emotional / spiritual liberation and the cultivation of higher levels of consciousness by way of working with our bodies' intelligence and its natural inclination towards self healing and perpetual growth. Dragon energy is fiery, courageous, clarifying and decisive and along with the power of your own intention, I add my fire, intuition and presence to yours and together with the energies of the land itself, we help you dissolve the density within... you know, those feelings that keep you playing small in life and leave you in a perpetual state of flux, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear and overwhelm. What's underneath ALL that social and societal conditioning? Your drive, your purpose,  passion, fire and of course, your Truth!

I believe healing is MUCH easier than what we've been led to believe and ultimately we're ALL healers and the best healer for us is actually US! My job is to work with the powerful clearing energies of the property, in order to help you dissolve and ultimately clear what's in the way of you accessing your own healing powers and Higher Self. I'm passionate and skilled at locating and shifting density (stuck emotions) in the body and in the field using sound, frequency, intention and my own brand of healing body work.

Dissolving Density: When the body stores trauma (mental, physical and emotional)  it stores it in the form of dense energy which creates blockages and slow-downs within the physical body and within the field itself. When natural Chi flow is interrupted or diverted, density too often becomes physical imbalance and illness, if left unaddressed.

Working inside or outside, my goal is simple and straightforward and my partner is the land and ALL the Beings on it. My skills are unique to me and honed in a direction that will assist you in dissolving  blockages, healing and freeing up misdirected and / or subverted energy, allowing your body / mind to come into a new and vibrant coherence.

The tools I wield my magic with are primarily Solfeggio tuning forks (on & off body), along with my own blend of healing touch skills which I can only describe as an amalgam of Reiki, BodyTalk, massage and my own fiery activations. My main goal is to ease your body and nervous system into a state of deep relaxation and recovery, so that new energies and correct  information can begin to flow again. Essentially, we are creating a conducive healing environment  within your body / mind so that you're able to self direct and self repair, leaving the WHOLE system operating in the most balanced and harmoniously aligned manner possible.

What I do is 100% 'outside the box' and bereft of any formal definition, even to me. What I do know for sure is that together we create a powerfully healing conversation btwn you, me and the Land itself, that inevitably winds up bringing about deep and lasting change for all.  I can assure you that YOU are the one you've been waiting for and  I am merely here to help clear the path for your own remembrance and soul emergence. The #1 key to self healing lands squarely in our own lap, for 100% of healing success boils down to what we believe is possible and I personally live in a realm of infinite possibilities which opens the door for absolutely ANYTHING to happen, for you, for me, for us!  Dragon Activations... Transmuting Identity.

SESSION LOCATION: Our home base is in beautiful farm country, Urbania, NS (30 min. North from Stanfield Airport)

RECESSION SESSION RATES! Supporting each other through these transitory times.  XO   $77 / 70 Min. ** $99 / 90 Min. + hst


HOURS: Mon - Fri

Collaborative Sessions: The Oracle / K2 accelerated healing sessions with the incomparable Kim Coleman begin again on Saturday June 24, 2023. Reach out to book a session on beautiful Shortts lake.

Riverside Sessions: The weather's warming up, it's almost time to play outside again! Hosted along the tidal shores of the Schubenacadie River under a screened in tent. We roll with the weather. Typically from late May - October.

Do you get an inner 'Zing!' when thinking about booking a session with me? If so, do reach out and let's talk.  Email or call me at (902) 449-4976

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Dragon Activations - In my own words. XO




"Kerry combines her chosen modalities and her innate gifts to create a “unique to you” healing experience. Tuning into the wisdom of your Creator God Self, all of who you Are and Be. Her work opens the space and provides instructions for your bodies to shift and heal. Her hands are strong and her ears are keen to the messages of her divine healer within. Her sound healing is amazing; she knows which frequencies are needed and where to direct the energy for highest and best outcomes. Kerry is very intuitive to the story your body is telling and so; supports the healing that is being asked for by the many facets of You, Right Here, Right Now."


Valerie Hollingsworth; Energy Medicine Practitioner; Transformation Facilitator  / May 10, 2023

"Kerry is an incredibly gifted therapeutic sound healer who I absolutely adore.  She has this beautiful ease with physical bodies, energy bodies as well as all levels of ones’ being.  You will experience her many tuning forks, her Tibetan singing bowl that truly sings for her, her ocean drum, a 528 hertz Australian sounding tube, fairy laughter balls from Tibet, a steel tongue drum and so much more.  This is only one of her many superpowers.  She is also trained and certified in a gaggle of deeply beautiful therapeutic processes however her spot on intuition and awareness of what is in one’s field, body, mind and being and how she invites it to something different, blows my hair back."

Kim Coleman / Growing Beyond - Leader. Coach. Catalyst!


Sweetly perfectly wonderfully magical and magnificent. YES!

The tale of activation. I absorbed the presence of Dragon activation medicine woman. Your session loosened the wings that were bound right to my spine and shoulders. I felt love from the ancestors and angels … and fire from the mystics… I was nested by tree ropes that cocooned her warrior self. All bound by love that human performed most often as a story of pain and burden. That shadow in the egg knowing there was a moment to break free to feel the glistening light. A tail and wings that needed to be set free. All truth has been right here. Always. Looking to the night sky knowing all was familiar to once cosmically fly .. ocean dive and forest climb. It has been one week since I greeted and shook those chained wings to break the ropes that buried too much of my head Into the mulched barks of her land. I lift my head … féel my body and feel the humm of the frequency sounding my song. these magnificent wings. Feathers from family, scales of my cloak, fire as breath where once choked. I drink water of the highest vibration. Thank you Kerry.

Mickie Mitchell Bowe - May 2023

Finding Self_n.jpg

I deeply value Kerry’s profound and utterly unique approach to healing. Her treatments offer a whole-body and whole-spirit tuning. Kerry works directly with one’s creative energy field. With exquisite sensitivity, she discerns blockages at the levels of facia, muscle, deep tissue and beyond. Using sound and touch, she gently releases and clears these areas. After each session, I felt like I’d been through a massage, a spiritual journey, and a therapeutic release of pain and tension accumulated for years. Equally valuable, I’ve felt, have been the incredibly intuitive insights and inspiration she’s shared after each session. Kerry is the real deal, a healer who can harmonize the energies that shape us.


Sharon English - Writer and Teacher


The Land and I... we work in tandem.

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