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As an artist, author and awakener, Jodi brings a different perspective to her creativity.

Jodi grew up in Southern Ontario and has lived in various places throughout Canada. She currently resides in Mexico.


In 2002, while in Banff, Alberta, Jodi attended a healing session with a local medicine woman and they later became good friends. Jodi was unaware of the many seeds that had been planted in her that were to come to fruition now, almost 20 years later.


Knowing there was much more than what was taught at school and having a thirst for learning more about herself, the human condition, the universe, energy, and the matrix, she underwent studies with some of the foremost thinkers of today.

She has trained and researched many modalities such as reiki, yoga, raw foods, aromatherapy massage, akashic records, human design, and access consciousness to mention a few.

Jodi’s mission now is to plant seeds in others in order to help awaken them to their true nature and to their purpose here on earth. She knows that within this human experience there is joy to be found and that we are so much more than we are able to remember. She knows life is about creative expression and experiences and how we must allow each other the freedom to express that creativity as long as it follows Nature's Law of Do No Harm.


Can you imagine living in a world where there is no harm; where people can freely live within their own creative expression in joy? That is how we raise the frequency on Earth and create a new reality for the benefit of all, not just a select few. This is why we are here now, to birth in a new earth of a higher vibration.


Jodi shares her perspectives in her photography, art, and books... creating life as art.

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