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For 15 years Kerry has been helping artists, athletes & entrepreneurs claim their birthright to Soul Proprietorship as a neuroscience based health practitioner from Toronto to Hollywood. 

After a serious come to Jesus moment, God called me to build business with backbone off of His ultimate contract. Now I apply natural law principles & God's Divine Laws to turn God governed businesses into living legacies for freedom focused, faith based entrepreneurs. 

God is at the helm of all future empires. Successful  business leaders will be bulletproofing their families & finances with their faith.


Kerry is a seasoned Sovereign Health practitioner whose training expands nutrition, Kundalini yoga, medical meditation, Tonic herbalism, vibrational + neurosciences,  spiritual activism + conscious leadership.

She is a published writer + contributor to online health + conscious wellness publications  and has participated as a course expert alongside  Dr. JoshAxe, Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Marvin Singh.

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