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Kerry is a seasoned Sovereign Health practitioner whose training expands nutrition, Kundalini yoga, medical meditation, Tonic herbalism, vibrational + neurosciences,  spiritual activism + conscious leadership.

She is a published writer + contributor to online health + conscious wellness publications  and has participated as a course expert alongside  Dr. JoshAxe, Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Marvin Singh.

Kerry is  founder of REBEL DNA health and Co-founder of THREE SIX NINE MEDIA, an UN-MEDIA organization creating solutions that liberate critical thinkers for  impact + purpose. Kerry + her co founder Cousin Nicole have raised over5 figures for the constitutional challenges in under 5 hours,  written a notice of liability for Canadian rights + freedoms  that gained national attention and have been commissioned by top tier organizations and seasoned professionals across the country to write notices that get results and return our rights, and to create authentic + impactful communication platforms + initiatives that garner growth + change.

For 14+ years Kerry's work has focused on sovereign health  for Self leadership that transform work build  impactful legacies. Through neuroscience, based health technologies, Kerry simplifies complex processes + tools to leverage purpose, productivity + impact.

She has worked with famed artists, film companies, large multinational organizations + small purpose led startups seeking foundational change that impacts bottom lines + purpose driven  lives.

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