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Meghan Lynn

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Meghan is a modern Cosmic Oracle with over 25 years under her belt as a Student of the Stars. Her unique approach to Astrology weaves together Ancient Hermetics with Modern techniques, planets and approaches. Meghan is able to channel the Astrology and deliver it in ways that anyone can resonate with.

Astrology is a both a language and precise and orderly system through which all unfolds in all directions from the micro to the macro. Astrology is the only time keeping system true to the nature order and is a powerful tool to unlock our past, present and future individually and collectively.

Meghan offers astrological counsel through various charts and techniques in one on one sessions and in group classes. Teaching and speaking engagements are particularly dear to her heart. Meghan also provides counselling through Past Life Regression via hypnosis.

Outside of Astrology Meghan walks the Priestess Path and aspires to one day be initiated as a High Priestess.

"I am grateful to be invited into this space as a contributor. As we live and breathe we create that which bridges what was with what will be. These trying times we are experiencing collectively are a container in which we may cultivate a future worth living in while the world we knew continues to collapse through the Great Dismantling process to which we all bear witness to.

May I serve well as a beacon of light.
May my compass stay true.
May we hold the line for the Collective as we rise.
May we thrive, here and now, as we birth a new beginning for humankind.
And so it is."


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