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R.O.A.R. ~ Reactivating Our Ancient Resonance Group

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Welcome to the group!

We're dedicated to building the New Earth Community and you're an integral part of that growing body of awake and aware architects!

This group is dedicated to anyone and everyone who have stepped out of the Matrix and are looking to find and co-create a brand new world of awakened opportunity and vibrant, conscious communities. A new kind of TRUTH is emerging and here is where we come together to unlearn that which no longer serves us and to re-invigorate and re-introduce deeper, more Universal Truths back into our lives. Here you will find frank discussions on topics that are typically censored by the mainstream media. You will find like minded community and engage in deep, heartfelt discussions that blow well past the confines of 'acceptable' topics. You have space and are encouraged to spread your wings and voice your own unique Truths and Universal wisdom.

WE really are the hero's we've been hoping will arrive and our time is NOW!


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  • April 25, 2022


  • Kerry Forbes

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