LIVE EVENTS! ... We've got 'happenings' coming up that are designed to Activate your Whole Self and help you remember your mission in this life. Why?.. Because it's time and the World needs you! Visit our EVENTS and SESSIONS pages for details.
On-boarding Content Contributors... in the days, weeks and months ahead we will be welcoming a rich and diverse palette of 'Activated Contributors' to the site. Those who have stepped into their power and purpose and are ready to share the 'new wisdom' that is emerging from so many at this time. Simply put, we are building a global community from which this exciting and transformative sovereign reality will manifest.
In-Person Activation Sessions... We're here at this time for a reason but sometimes we need a little help dissolving the density that gets in our way. In-person A. Sessions can effortlessly liberate us from past emotional experiences, stuck belief systems and patterns of unconscious behavior... all that's required is your willingness and belief in your own superpowers! Visit our SESSIONS pg. to find out what's on offer.
While we populate the site with new content, we invite you to enjoy our selection of Activation Session ~ Gong Baths. Click HERE.  


Sovereign House of Curated Activating Content Recorded / Streamed & Live Presentations  

 What if the change we’ve been longing for really does begin and end with us and the hero we’ve been hoping will arrive, is in fact already here... and it's US!

The Activation Sessions is a hub for conscious content pivoted towards manifesting a new, sovereign world. We offer recorded and streamed presentations, social media 'Lives', interviews, blogs, pod casts and live events from a diverse, global body of sovereign beings who can see and feel the new world forming up and who wish to collaborate in the construction of a unified 'Awakened Reality'.

We're a growing world wide collective of visionaries and we see clearly the limitations of the old structure and how it no longer serves our rapidly expanding consciousness. We come together to sculpt a new way forward that is governed by an integral respect for Self, for community and for the planet.


Our content creates a powerful standing wave of love and potential. A wave that invites each of us to connect deeply with our passion and encourages us to step firmly into our soul purpose as loving, creative, Sovereign human beings and conscious stewards of Planet Earth. We invite you to explore with us, the vast potential of the 'Activated Self'.

Live, in-studio Activation Sessions are presented in Halifax, Nova Scotia.