Next Live, In-Studio Pod Cast:

Saturday June 13, 2020 / Halifax, NS

LOESJE JACOB; Founder Linking Awareness Adventures

"Wild Conversations With Loesje Jacob; The animal kingdom has much to teach us if we'll listen” 

Self-Activating, Life Affirming 
Live Events & Pod Casting

The Activation Sessions and Iconic Perspectives are a series of dynamic live pod casts, thoughtful stage presentations and collaborative gatherings intended to ignite new thoughts, spark our potential and empower our spirit.

These sessions, both recorded and live will be soulful conversations where our hosts and our guests will explore what makes us creative, multi-talented, multi-verse human beings and what holds us back from our highest potential.


We are inspired to look at the journey that is experienced when we choose to move from fear to willingness to courage with just a 'gut feeling' or a “little voice” guiding us towards more. What is the commonality that makes us take that leap of faith or not?  What fosters our emergence into our most authentic self and on the path to living our best life? Journey with us to find out!


In-studio sessions are presented live at the Music Room in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Activation Sessions either recorded or live.

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