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While we wait on the new normal to form up, we invite  you to enjoy a gong bath.
You have three sessions to choose from. We hope you enjoy!!


Activating, Life Affirming 
Pod Casts & Live Events

What if the change you’ve been longing for really does begin and end with you and the hero you’ve been hoping will arrive, is in fact already here... and it's YOU!

Love Activated and Iconic Perspectives are a series of dynamic pod casts currently in development. Each series is a thought provoking, recorded conversation that will often be accompanied by a live stage presentation and collaborative gathering. Both series are intended to ignite new ideas, spark our souls' potential and empower our lives.

Sessions, both recorded and live will be transformative exchanges where we'll explore together, what makes us creative, multi-talented, multi-verse human beings as well as what holds us back from our highest potential.


Brand new insights and direction comes about when we choose to move from fear into willingness and then straight into courage, with just a 'gut feeling' or a “little voice” guiding us towards the unknown. What is the commonality that makes us take that leap of faith or not? What are the tools we can use to build a new framework of understanding our destiny and what fosters our emergence into our most authentic self, living our best life? That's a question that drives us so we invite you to journey along as we find out, together!


Live, in-studio Activation Sessions are presented at the Music Room in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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