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Powerful, Cosmic Sound Journeys [In-Studio & Live-Streamed ]

Welcome to the dawn. The Activation Sessions are powerful, intuitive, highly focused and directed sound healing intensives; rooted in authenticity, these collaborative gatherings of like minds are designed specifically to awaken our sleeping DNA, clear out karmic debris and assist in activating centers within our body and around our Earth so that we may elevate harmoniously and in synchronization with Gaia and the many dimensions within and, beyond. Each session will help foster our emergence into our most beautiful and connected, creative, healthy, peaceful, powerful, expanded loving Selves.  LEARN MORE

Presented at the Music Room in Halifax, Nova Scotia, each session is limited to 44 in-studio participants who create a sacred space of awareness and a powerful, continual wave of intention. Sessions are created with specific intentions in mind and are scheduled as close to significant celestial alignments as possible, amplifying the intensity and unleashing the full power of every gathering. The Activation Sessions are a straight line to the next level of consciousness and a deep rooting into the NOW.


Join us in this evolutionary celebration of spirit and connection. Produced by Atlantic Ground Control and facilitated by the SOUNDbeings and their symphony of Planet Gongs, we resonate, we activate, we remember. It is time.

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