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Conscious Content for the Sovereign Minded


We welcome to the site the New Earth Wisdom Keepers and architects of the Awakened Reality.  Those who have stepped into their power and purpose and are ready to share their vision, insights and wisdom with the world.

Together we co-create the New Earth for all.

Who's on board and what's everyone saying?... Visit the CONTRIBUTORS  and find out!


Conscious Curiosities * I'm a curiosity shop with a conscience. Offering life affirming, soul expanding, health empowering items of all varied description! (2).png

Upcoming Live Offerings...

LOOKING FOR A SESSION? Private Activation Sessions Are Available.  Click for SESSION  details.


Sovereign House of Curated Activating Content Recorded / Streamed & Live Presentations  

 What if the change we’ve been longing for really does begin and end with us and the hero we’ve been hoping will arrive, is in fact already here... and it's  US!

The Activation Sessions is a hub for conscious content pivoted towards manifesting a new, sovereign reality, a New Earth; Together and for all. We are live event producers who present mainly local events and host editorial content from a diverse and Int'l body of free thinkers who can see and feel the new world forming up and who fancy collaborating in the manifestation of a unified 'Awakened Reality'.

Our contributors' content, together with our live presentations, create a high frequency body of work; a powerful standing wave of love, intention and pure potential that assists in the discovery and embodiment of our Higher Human expression. We all see clearly the limitations of the old structure and we propose that there are vibrant and conscious ways forward, governed by respect for Self, community and the planet.

The times we're living in (if we choose them to be), can be an invitation for us to connect deeply with our passion(s) and activate our inner Truth so that we may step firmly into our soul purpose as loving, creative, Sovereign human beings and willing stewards of Planet Earth.  Envision with us if you will, the vast potential of the 'Activated Self'.

Live, in-studio Activation Sessions are presented in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Thanks for Joining!

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