Conscious Content for the Sovereign Minded

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We welcome to the site the New Earth Wisdom Keepers and architects of the Awakened Reality.  Those who have stepped into their power and purpose and are ready to share their visions and wisdom with the world. Together we win.


* Janos (John) Neder |  Martial Artist, Author, Activist, Healer ~ "My passion is to help people develop self determination in a way that works for them."

* Kim Coleman |  Healer, Speaker, Mentor, Catalyst ~ "Presence, embodiment, consciousness, creating and actualizing are the platforms of my work."

* SOUNDbeings |  Sound healers, Teachers, Mentors ~ "We bring a lot of real world experience to our specialism in sound healing, providing us with a keen insight into the needs of all our clients in attempting to deal with the demands of modern day life."

* Rand Freeman | Truth seeker, Writer, Activist, Catalyst ~  "I wish to help others clear a path for themselves through the confusing, conflicting, frustrating world in which we live.

* Heather LeBlanc | Teacher, Mentor, Channel, Healer, Activist ~ "My sole purpose is to serve as a catalyst to humanity itself and individuals in the ascension/awakening process."

* Randy Kaiser | Sovereign Money Creator, Teacher, Catalyst, Activist  ~ "I am - an Abundant Healthy Sovereign Loving Harmonious and Imaginative Man, Co Creating Abundance, Sovereignty Health Love and Euphoria for ALL with God"


Upcoming Events & Hands On Private Activation Sessions Now Available!  Visit our  EVENTS / EVENT CALENDAR  and  SESSIONS  page for details and registration.


Sovereign House of Curated Activating Content Recorded / Streamed & Live Presentations  

 What if the change we’ve been longing for really does begin and end with us and the hero we’ve been hoping will arrive, is in fact already here... and it's US!

The Activation Sessions is a hub for conscious content pivoted towards manifesting a new, sovereign world. We offer recorded and streamed presentations, social media 'Lives', interviews, blogs, pod casts and live events from a diverse global body of sovereign beings who can see and feel the new world forming up and who wish to collaborate in manifesting a unified 'Awakened Reality'.

Our growing collective of visionaries can see clearly the limitations of the old structure and how it no longer serves our expanding consciousness and we're ready to sculpt a new way forward governed by an integral respect for Self, community and the planet.

The content presented here creates a powerful standing wave of love, intention and pure potential. An invitation for us all to connect deeply with our passion and step firmly into our soul purpose as loving, creative, Sovereign human beings and conscious stewards of Planet Earth. We invite you to envision with us, the vast potential of the 'Activated Self'.

Live, in-studio Activation Sessions are presented in Halifax, Nova Scotia.