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The SOUNDbeings, Activation Sessions and 369 Media invite you to join us in celebration of the Grand Conjunction and our emergence into the Age of Aquarius!
The live 'Love Series' Grand Conjunction sound intensive was another SOLD OUT event!
A Download of December 21, 2018 Winter Solstice Activation Session is still available for PURCHASE BELOW


Activating, Life Affirming 
Recorded / Streamed & Live Presentations

What if the change you’ve been longing for really does begin and end with you and the hero you’ve been hoping will arrive, is in fact already here... and it's YOU!

The Activation Sessions is an on-going series of recorded, streamed and live presentations designed to inform, ignite and empower our human experience. We produce content that creates a powerful standing wave of love and potential. A wave that invites us to connect deeply with our passions and encourages us to step firmly into our soul purpose as loving, creative, Sovereign human beings and conscious stewards of Planet Earth.


We promise transformative exchanges with innovative and enlightening individuals who are changing the world one great idea at a time. Let us explore together, the vast potential of the 'Activated Self'.

Live, in-studio Activation Sessions are presented in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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