“Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” - Beethoven



The Icons, like the ancient mystics, had an innate understanding of the power of music and its potential to heal, awaken and inspire change; personally, socially and politically.  They were open to higher creative channels and they interpreted that energy in profound and prolific ways. like gifted, weaver- profits, they moved their music and their message through their artistry, off the stage and into an eager audience; up- lifting, awakening and transforming, performance after performance. That’s the true power of music; and to understand the higher implications of music in our culture and in our psyches is what drives the desire for this series.


Iconic Perspectives is an engaging and interactive, recorded - live pod cast series. It's an opportunity for artist and audience to connect in authentic ways, sharing together, in each other’s’ powerful experiences of music.


We'll aim to capture and share the essence of what the Icon’s knew about music and wanted us to remember about ourselves and the world we share together. In-depth interviews, spontaneous acoustic jam sessions, interactive conversations.


Live the Live Experience - Re-invented… ‘Iconic Perspectives’.

Iconic Perspectives is a deep dive into the emotional, spiritual and political essence of music and musicality as understood and experienced by some of the greatest musicians of our time. We'll explore musicality alongside some of today's most prolific and iconic musicians themselves (those artists who co-created with the Icons) and we'll explore music from the perspective of spirituality, education, activism and advocacy, health / wellness and the power and potential of the ‘Live Experience’.

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