SOUNDbeings ~ Phil and Rita Crosbie

We’ve entered into an accelerated period of profound evolutionary change and what’s on offer is the opportunity to live our biggest, healthiest, grandest version of Self and to assist the planet in doing the same.


We live in a multiverse which is purely and simply energy condensed to a greater or lesser extent to form all matter, which makes up absolutely everything within our material world including our bodies; and all of those tiny particles vibrate and resonate producing their own unique electro-magnetic frequencies. Their Sound.

Just like us, the Earth has a measurable heartbeat along with its very own unique frequency and in this dimension we call it the ‘Schumann Resonance (SR)’. The Earth operates in wave cycles per second known as Hertz and when we’ve measured those cycles they’ve remained constant for decades giving off 7.83 Hert, which by no coincidence when our own human brainwaves are measured at a resting state, they too measure 7.83 Hz.

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