Welcome!... You've just joined the revolution and are about to experience the next wave in sound healing events! That's right, the group gong bath has gone GLOBAL and you're at the leading edge of this movement of mind, body and spirit. 

To ensure a smooth ride, we've put together a 'How - To' list of things you'll need to know in order to partake on-line and make the most of your experience.


* Your pay-per-view ticket purchase is valid for the live event itself and for the 72 hr. replay.

START TIME * Live-stream begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. AST (Atlantic Standard Time) / UTC-4.

LOG-IN * In order to join the live-stream you will be required to create a site log-in that will gain you access into both the website and the event itself. You can log-in through Facebook, Google + or by creating a log-in directly through the website by using a valid email address. Be sure to remember your log-in details as they will be required for the live-stream and to gain access to the replay.

**Be sure to log-out after each use. If you're seeing the $ after purchase, log out and back in again. The $ should disappear upon re-entry. Still having problems? try clearing your cache and log in again. Contact us at if further assistance is required.


PURCHASE* To purchase a Pay-Per-View ticket, click on the $$ on the Home pg. and follow the prompts. You will need to sign up at this point and from there you will be brought to a PayPal payment screen. Follow the prompts.

PAY PAL * We use PayPal as our box office so you can either pay via credit card OR through your own PayPal account.

* You will receive a PayPal receipt for your purchase. No other receipt or ticket will be issued or required for you to join the stream

72 HR REPLAY * On the night of the live-stream and for 72 hrs. after the event, simply log in and hit the play button on the video screen (Home pg), and've entered the cyber studio!

* Join us when the doors open for assembly and share in the focusing of energies and group intentions. You will notice that everyone that enters the studio will offer their intention for the evening while holding space for the sacred to manifest. We encourage you to bring your own intention(s) to this important part of the gathering.

* As we are all connected, we encourage you to tone with us. Increase the power of our collective experience by joining your unique tones in with the group's. As one shifts, so do the rest.

*After the session, hydrate and make a note of anything you felt, saw, or that became clear to you. This is for you, however you are of course welcome to share this with us through our website or on our social media page(s).

* Experience this ride on your own or share with friends and family but please don't charge for your gatherings. We're all in this together and integrity is King. 


Our goal is to provide both our in-studio and cyber-studio participants with the most seamless, inclusive and immersive experience possible. To ensure this mandate, we've hired the professionals to come and capture both visually and audibly each event and output the results in the most high-quality manner available. Whether you're joining us live in-studio or in the cyber-studio you can intensity your own experience even more by establishing a few, simple parameters:

* In-Studio: We will be lying down but space is limited so we ask you to please pack lightly. No gravity chairs.

* Ensure your internet speed. High-speed internet required (3 - 7 Mbps).

* Quality speakers, earbuds or headphones will amplify your enjoyment.  NOTE: Please know it is about FREQUENCY so you will be connected with the frequency and as you ARE frequency, everything will transform. What anyone hears is uniquely personal and a minuscule aspect of the frequency. People who are unable to hear or tone will still receive the energy and light codes and emanate the frequencies for all.

* In the week preceding the gathering date [or as a minimum 72 hours preceding your participating] we suggest you avoid alcohol, sugars and caffeine.

* Shower or bathe before the session

* Be Hydrated, but not so much you need to break the session to go to the bathroom

* Wear loose clothing [or if you can float in a pool or the bath for the experience then do that, as that would be amazing!


* Get comfortable. Find a quiet place with low lighting and few - no distractions to participate from and give yourself some lead time in order to relax and focus.

* Participate fully by not talking prior to the meditation

IN-STUDIO CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: Unless event is cancelled by Soundbeings & Atlantic Ground Control No Refunds will be offered. ONLY credit given towards a future event.

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