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A 369 Media Presentation
Resonance; A Post Summer Solstice Convergence
Saturday June 25, 2022
Within the HRM / Undisclosed Location
Time: 1 - 3 p.m. AST

Follow the link to the private 369 Community.

Summer Solstice_Meet Up image.PNG

Working in collaboration with our Contributors and other like minded creatives is how we build strong, inspired and integrity based community!


If you are missing deeply aligned community, then here's your opportunity to join Kerry Ford and Nicole Connor (369 Media) as they come together to hold their first local meetup; making new connections + harmonic resonances with each other through the powerful energy of the Summer solstice + the sounds of summer.


The Activation Sessions is delighted to take part in the co-creation of this beautiful 'Solstice Package of Experience' that will invite us all to create new connections with Self and build strong, New Earth community whilst re-connecting to and merging deeply with the natural world. A true 'convergence' of pure potential designed to keep the fires of solstice transformation burning! ...The perfect marriage of aligned events ~ R.O.A.R. and the Summer Solstice Meet Up; Together. Community is the most powerful currency we have.

THINGS TO BRING ~ We're outdoors so pack accordingly!

** BYOP: Bring Your Own Picnic: If you desire sustenance, bring it along! Blanket up and find a spot. Share if you like, but no obligation. 

** BYOW: Bring Your Own Water: To drink and to charge with all the good vibes and accompanying instruments. Water is consciousness. 

** BYOS: Bring Your Own Sound: Have an instrument? Bring it. Play it. Jam out. Join in. Just listen. Sound is life, healing + connection.

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