Nature Balancing Activation Sessions

Working alongside and in collaboration with the powerful Schubenacadie River and all of the natural elements of this spectacular piece of paradise continues to be a revelatory experience for me. I am ever amazed at the transformative and replenishing power of the tidal river, its sweeping banks, the forest, fertile pastures, big skies and all the Sentient Beings that dwell on the land who regularly assist with sessions in mostly subtle but sometimes quite pronounced ways.


Fact: our body and psyche require connection with nature to remain in balance and able to carry the load of 'modern day' living. Nature balancing is a direct and highly effective way to discharge excess energy held in the body. This release facilitates healing at a cellular level and that's what we're after! 


In each session we invite the sounds of this beautiful landscape and all Animals, Elementals, Ancients and Ancestors to support and contribute to your experience. I use muscle testing to determine which sounds and frequencies your body would find most beneficial and from there we play energetic jazz! I mainly use Solfeggio tuning forks, Reiki and my own conscious healing touch therapy. My aim is to ease your body into recovery mode, to activate more of your DNA and help you shift density out of your physical body and energetic field so that your WHOLE system operates in balanced sync with itself and in the most consciously aligned manner possible. Essentially, we create a symphony of possibility for you that offers infinite potential in all directions! Why?.... because it's time to live the version of you that you always dreamed you were!



Riverside Sessions: On the shores of the Schubenacadie River, a beautiful 45 min. drive from downtown Halifax.


60 Minutes @ $80  + tx.

90 Minutes @ 100 + tx



We had a white, Elemental smoke-like ribbony thing show up shortly after a session...