THANK YOU beautiful being, for joining us at this transformative time. Myself and Phil, Kerry and Shane want to personally thank you and share why it is integral that YOU are joining us in these sessions at this time.

Many of you will have already been to our gong baths either in the city or around Nova Scotia so you will be familiar with the phrase’ unique vibratory instruments in the universal symphony’, for indeed that is what we are. Every session where we gather together creates its own unique collective harmonic and all sessions whether group or individual, have always been, and always will be in the ‘ key ‘ of LOVE. This frequency is then beamed out infinitely, through all life forms in all dimensions.

So what is so different about the Activation Sessions?

Whilst all of our sessions deliver the frequency of love, as that is the highest and purest frequency there is, the Activation Sessions are consciously creating, directing, manifesting and connecting to 5D and beyond. Each Being collaborating, is indeed a manifestation of 5D in this 3rd dimension.

We are together, reactivating our DNA and remembering who we are and what our ‘Mission’ is. These gatherings are a conscious collective and all those drawn to join have been called to be consciously proactive at this pivotal time in history. Each session has a defined focus and will transmit specific frequencies that will uplift the energetic intentions, thus creating powerful waves of high vibration made available to us for the cellular transformation of our physical and energetic bodies.

The ACTIVATION SESSIONS Are a Silent Experience.


The space for these sessions will be created in a silent, sacred manner as we are connecting and creating a SACRED SOUND TEMPLE. The ancients knew the power of these temples and thoughtfully created such spaces to work within. We ask that as each person enters the studio you silently acknowledge the room, as this is an important connection point. You will be asked if you wish to share your intention and then requested to find a space that you’re most drawn to, while the 44 assemble. In our silence the energy will be powerfully charged and we will hold space together for the sacred to manifest.

The position of each Being will be intuitively guided. Everyone will be exactly where they are meant to be; a TORUS for the energetic flow which we consciously connect to and create. We will sit together and maintain our personal stillness throughout the session.

Each session will begin with a guided meditation that is cosmic in origin. We will then TONE continually and at the sound of the Tingsha the Gongs will begin and we will resonate and elevate together in this sacred space. It is intended that we will be in a consciously heightened state for 92 minutes.

After the sacred sounding session there will be a break, after which people are invited to return to their space for the ‘sharing‘ where Phil and I will share anything we have seen or been given and others are welcome to do the same. The session will close around 9.30pm UTC minus 4.

Why Nova Scotia: The Cosmic Reality


Nova Scotia sits on a crystal bed. These sessions will activate and amplify the energy / frequency that this bed naturally emits, connecting with and sending frequency through all other existing ley lines around the planet. Each session we will work with this specific energy to open and secure portals, create new grid networks and connect with other power portals and spaces around the Earth and throughout the multiverse.

Each Being in the sacred space is a Torus, allowing the frequencies to flow in and activate light codes and then emanate those codes out amplified.

Wherever you go after the session you will resonate and radiate the energy and create a ‘Field’ which will allow others the opportunity to access the frequencies for themselves, thus creating a continuum of transformative potential, available to all. You may also be guided to go to a certain place or space, as this will be where your energy is most required, and where an energetic exchange is most needed. These truly are powerful times.

The Cyber-Studio and the On-line Experience

LIVE STREAMING: Select sessions will be live-streamed to the internet and all the beautiful souls joining us in the Cyber space are also a TORUS and will receive the same energy to activate their light codes, connect with the ancients and by consciously connecting with aspects of self in other dimensions, collaborate together across the earth and multiverse to move beyond 3D.


For everyone joining us you truly have been called and are an integral energy and conduit in this transformation and liberation of Self.

This is a global event. Offering a live stream allows those not able to join us in person an opportunity to participate. We’ve kept the costs low and the access simple as it truly is our desire to collaborate across the Earth and radiate new and empowering frequencies for all.

As time is a 3-D construct wherever you are joining from around the world, whether live on the evening or for the 72 hours after the live stream, you are truly plugged in and connected and the same principles apply, wherein not only are you altering your own light codes and those around you but the codes of the planet itself.

We encourage you to get together with friends and share the experience as a group or go on your own private solo journey! The gratitude of love flows to each and every one of you.

Please know that you are a beautiful, powerful and vital Being in the ascension process here on Earth. You are participating in the Activation Sessions on a personal and cosmic level and being that there are no accidents, you are in the right place at the right time with the right people in the right frequency. Together we resonate, we activate, we remember.

From SOUNDBEINGS and ATLANTIC GROUND CONTROL we thank you from the depths of our being. We are part of this ACTIVATION TOGETHER.


With love and gratitude

Rita and Phil / SOUNDbeings                                                                      

Kerry and Shane / Atlantic Ground Control Inc.

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