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Born in Holland and moving to Canada as a young girl, Loesje spent the majority of her spare time outdoors, in nature, watching and engaging with horses but it’s fair to say that she's wild about all animals and she’s made it her mission to not only learn about them as individuals and understand their unique traits and requirements as animals but she has dedicated her life to interpreting the deeper, more intricate and impactful meaning behind the messages that they have for us as a species and as a galactic community.

Loesje is an Advanced Senior Practitioner and educator of the energy modality ‘BodyTalk’ / AnimalTalk and the Founder of ‘Linking Awareness Adventure Inc.’. She brings her many years of teaching experience and her powerful, integrated healing practice around the world to sanctuaries, vets, zoos, orphanages and to all who are keen to activate deep, self-healing and hone their inter-celluar communication skills.

Loesje has traversed the globe over and communicated with not only the wild and exotic but with our domesticated friends as well and she’s compiled a treasure trove of information, messages and teachings direct from the animals themselves.

We invite you to join us for a live and lively pod-cast ~ an evening of discussion and exploration into animal wisdom and how we can expand our concepts, our dialogue and ourselves in order to better connect with the animal consciousness. 


Whales, Dolphins, Elephants, Orangutan’s, horses and dogs, cats, snakes and lizards, hippo's bats and frogs … all have much to say if we’ll take the time to listen and learn a new way!

LIVE IN-STUDIO: 7 pm / Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Music Room, Halifax, NS

This is a limited and interactive engagement! "Interactive" you say?

Visit the Facebook page for details on how to submit a question to be shared by you, live on the evening!

Visit Linking Awareness Adventures Inc. / www.linkingawareness.com

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