Fall / Winter Activation         INTENTION

Resonating and Activating WITH Gaia's Meridians of Consciousness 


Gaia is a living being, a conscious entity that is eternal and infinite. Within her are stored memories and knowing, wisdom and answers. Her energy flows and resonates, she is a vibratory being and we are all connected and are one with that energy.


It has been known for eons, by the ancients, by first nations by all those up to the present day, that sense and connect. Those that are aware of known energy lines, ley lines , whatever those that connect call them. Animals follow them naturally and avoid what are sometimes called black stream, birds often fly along the; sacred sites are built upon them. It is said  the ' earth has music for those that listen'. Gaia is singing a new harmony, as we resonate and activate more strands of DNA so GAIA activates new energy lines - her meridians her ' DNA' . We are one and the same, connected to all life forms in the multiverse and here at  this time to resonate and activate with Gaia, creating the new. Together we will connect and resonate with and for this loving shift , remembering, accessing ancient knowledge to allow us to continue with each of our ' missions', gaining insights and answers and greater knowing. All in love and peace and harmony. We are all here at this time as we bring a unique a powerful gift . We are here to join collectively and in harmony like instruments in a cosmic orchestra each unique and beautiful to create a great cosmic symphony.


Join us in Studio to Resonate and Activate with Gaia's Meridians of Consciousness .


Please check out our videos and our channel  for more information and an opportunity to join us on line [ Link up soon ]






We will help alleviate personal suffering and in so doing diminish world suffering. Each gathering is intense in frequency and each participant forever changed, energetically. This results in each person and space and place and situation they interact with, being bathed in the energy of the Activated being, providing a continuum of high frequency waves for others to connect and activate to and with.


Every single Being reading this and taking part is an integral piece of cosmic elevation, harmony and transformation. The more Beings we can involve together the swifter the shift. None participating are acting with ego, the greatness is not arrogance it is the greatness of love and intention to give unconditionally whilst remaining balanced in Self. 


Who are we to feel blissful whilst chaos abounds? Who are we NOT to? As when we can be blissful within the chaos, we influence the chaos toward bliss, it can be no other way. Join us to consciously create with bliss.


SOUNDbeings will share communication and visualization to support each Being participating both in-studio and on-line, to Activate aspects of Self, to reconnect with their own personal remembering and ancient knowing that is needed at this time. This session is very much the Initiation; creating the energetic space and opening the flow of the energy.

The power of 8 (infinity symbol is significant for the resonance of our personal infinite octave. Our toning and intention will resonate this octave and each participant will reconnect with their ancient Self.

We are all protected and connected. A perfect opportunity for undertaking this, leap inter-dimensionally.


For IN STUDIO participants there will be a share session and Q+A

THANK YOU for your BEING and being here at this time.




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