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Hands-On Activation Sessions

We're Not Just Producers...

I am passionate and skilled at a number of things and locating and shifting density in bodies using sound, frequency, intention and body work is most certainly one of those things! I would love to help you to dissolve that which stands in the way of you living your healthiest body, mind and spirit. Assuming our Sovereign Truth and expanding into our Quantum Self is what I am here at this time to help facilitate in you and in me.

Dissolving Trauma: When the body stores trauma (mental, physical and /or emotional)  it stores it in the form of dense energy which creates blockages within both the Morphogenic field and the physical body that the body then has to compensate for by re-routing its natural energy flow around the 'block', in an attempt to maintain health and equilibrium. These dense spots if left unaddressed, too often result in unnecessary dis-ease in the body.

My goal is simple and straightforward and my skills are honed in a direction that will assist you in dissolving these dense blockades in the body and within the Field, freeing up misdirected energy, allowing your body / mind to come into a new and vibrant balance.

My main tools are Solfeggio tuning forks, Reiki and my own conscious healing touch therapy. My aim is to ease your body out of fear and anxiety and into deep recovery mode. This type of healing will activate more of your dormant DNA while shifting density out of your physical body and energetic field. Essentially, we create a healing environment  within your body so that you're able to self-repair, leaving the WHOLE system operating in balanced synchronicity and in the most consciously aligned manner possible.

Together we can shift  all kinds of ailments; physical / emotional trauma, habits, patterned behaviour, belief systems and of course any number of physical conditions. So much of healing is what we believe is possible. I feel anything and everything is possible and within our scope of manifestation!


We create a symphony of opportunities for you to be the driver of your own sovereign health and wellness.

SESSION LOCATION OPTIONS: Our home base is in beautiful farm country, Urbania, NS (30 min. from Stanfield Airport)

RATES: $80 / 60 Min. ** $100 / 90 Min. + hst

IN-PERSON Sessions: Come Feb. 2022, I will be on the move! Working out of the LouLu building in downtown Truro, NS and collaborating with Arisma Holistic Herbal. We're working out the details now so stay tuned! I also offer an in-home service if travel is a challenge.

Collaborative Sessions: The Oracle / K2 accelerated healing sessions with the incomparable Kim Coleman will commence in the spring; waiting on the weather.

Riverside Sessions: Hosted along the tidal shores of the Schubenacadie River under a screened in tent. 2022 Sessions will commence once the weather warms up. Typically late May - October.

When you consider booking a session, do you get a positive 'charge' in your body? If so that's your Sovereign Truth talking and if that's the case, REACH OUT!

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