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Circle of SAYA: A Monthly ReSource

Hosted by Kim Coleman /Growing Beyond & Kerry Forbes /Activation Sessions


SAYA: Javanese term for ‘Embody’


Drumming.  Council.  Wisdom.  Sharing. Receiving. Vulnerability. Healing.  Collaborating.  Activating.  ReSourcingRemembering.  Embodying.  Hugging. Nurturing.  Abundance.  Sovereignty.  Energy.  Connecting. Freedom.

The more resources we have to connect to the Source that is within us, that is all around us and is within all things, the more choices we have.  Resources can be books, circles, coaches, meditations, practitioners of all sorts, music, yoga, nature and so on.  We are resourcing and returning to Source, God, Creator, Divine, The Universe or whatever it is for you.

What is it that will contribute to me, to you, to humanity and to consciousness?

A monthly, come as you are ReSource; A safe and vibrant gathering of like-hearted Beings remembering, returning and embodying the Source that is unique within us, that is all around us and is within all things.


Each one of us has distinct ReSources (Super Powers!) that are beyond what we can possibly imagine regardless of whether we are brand new to all of ‘this’ or we’ve been awake since birth. As we come together, we calibrate to the pieces of the puzzle that we each embody without having to say a word. 



All offerings are ‘guided by Consciousness’ and entirely ineffable. What you will experience will be different each and every time.  Spirit is like that!  The Universe is like that!  WE are like that!


We alternate between two beautifully appointed locations, Dartmouth & Shortts Lake hosted on different days and times of the month. During this 2ish hour event you will also receive a dynamic group healing as well as an individual healing. Your personal take away will be as unique as you are and exactly what you are willing to allow.

S ~ We are all Sages! 

A ~ We are all Alchemists!

Y ~ We are all Yoda!

A ~ We are all Awake!


We Are ALL… ‘All That Is’

NEXT SAYA: To Be Announced

Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Dartmouth, NS


CONTRIBUTION: $60 includes your $20 deposit to save your spot. Please reserve on or by Fri. Mar. 25 by emailing Growing Beyond.




What They're Saying...

“I feel like I just have to share my experience of my first circle with Kim and Kerry. During the heart share all I said was ‘I am sooooo tired’. That’s it, that’s all I said, maybe my name too. To be honest I have been tired for so long I was actually going to cancel and not go. However I decided to go anyways. Even though I have been so tired, I can’t remember the last time I was able to nap. After the circle I actually napped, 2 days in a row!  Also I always have pain in my toes since they were operated on in the 70’s, always. That night with Kim touching my feet and Kerry doing her tuning fork magic on me, I AM PAIN FREE and can even squinch up my toes and feet! I have not been able to do that since my operation! It feels so good to do that! The sound healing felt like it went right through me, I can’t wait for the next one! I even dried my 2 roses to keep, one for Kerry and one for Kim. Oh, and I have not been nearly as tired as I was since that night. I also notice I am finding my voice more and able to say NO!” ~ Nancy F. ~ Dartmouth NS


“I just wanted to say thank you SO much for this evening. I was exhausted all day but had a tonne of energy when I left…clearly still do! Lol. I feel so much lighter it's unbelievable. It was so amazing to share how I was feeling in a safe space. The pink rose was a beautiful touch x. I love it…my place feels so good having it in the vase on my counter…all the feels x” ~ Alisha Kingston ~ Bedford NS

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