Igniting our soul's mission by exploring the space between the mundane and the magic

Do you ever feel like everyone is doing something remarkable except you?  Do you feel you have gifts to share but you can't quite pin-point what they are, how to cultivate them or how to get out of your own way to manifest them into reality?

Well, you're not alone and we're about to explore the secrets of creation, together! We'll be talking with courageous trailblazers; artists, authors, healers, teachers, musicians, all who were able to step out of their comfort zone, make hard and unpopular choices, take the leap of faith and chart a new course pointed towards their full potential. 'Love Activated' is a pod cast series currently in development; it's a sowing of our dreams and the manifestation of our individual and collective calling. We look forward to sharing the journey together.

2020 Live, In-Studio


We are in a time of great transition... a time of self examination and recreation; reinvention on the deepest and grandest of scales is happening, where the old ways of thinking, believing and living are in the process of transitioning to something much bigger and brighter. Limitless potential is in front us now. Where we go from here is up to us to define.

Stay tuned as we determine what the new landscape looks like and what exciting opportunities will be available to us to gather, connect and transform.

We send out eternal love and encouragement that the Dawn will offer us all, potentials that we've only ever dreamed were possible!

IN-STUDIO CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: Unless event is cancelled by Atlantic Ground Control No Refunds will be offered. ONLY credit given towards a future event.

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