Do you ever feel like everyone is doing something cool except you?  Do you feel like you don’t even know how to step out of your comfort zone? WE DID and that has brought us to here!

We want to know how some people are able to transform their lives, chart a new course, take the leap of faith to follow their calling and create their dreams. The Activation Sessions platform is a pod cast series in development; a sowing of our dream where live and recorded conversations are designed to build connection and community, ignite our imagination and activate our highest potential.  

They say “Hindsight is 20/20”…in short “lessons learned”, so in 2020 we are hosting fascinating conversations with artists, authors, healers, teachers, musicians, each having followed their own personal calling, made hard and unpopular choices, faced down fear, pushed through adversity, all the while believing in something greater and equally important, their belief in their ability to make their dream happen. We are so excited to explore and learn together, what it takes to leap into the 'unknown' and trust the deep calling within so that we too, may step into our best lives!

2020 Live, In-Studio


Have you ever wondered... what it's like to sit among a heard of Elephants or a pod of Dolphins and engage in meaningful and transformative conversation? Have you ever considered that the animal kingdom in its infinite wisdom, has something to say about its relationship with us as human beings? Thoughts on where we've come from, where we're going as a species and how we can deeply connect with one another; further establishing clearer lines of communication and redefining our relationship with each other.

As we move into the vast potential of 2020, the time is now to embrace a new rapport with our animal comrades. After spending decades in communion with our partners, Loesje joins us live in Halifax to share their wisdom with us, in the hopes that we may heal and evolve together.

IN-STUDIO CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: Unless event is cancelled by Atlantic Ground Control No Refunds will be offered. ONLY credit given towards a future event.

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