About Kerry...

Plain and simply I'm a seeker. Always have been. Growing up in a musically inclined / broadcasting family with a mother who was a gifted astrologer and who loved to throw parties with all of her artistic, psychic, channeling, tarot card reading, trans-medium pals, there was only one destiny for me and that was something akin to square peg, artist, producer, creative healer, activist and sensitive empath type.

It took me decades of working 'real jobs' to discover what I'm not and what my true calling actually is and that can be defined in six words... Sovereign, Producer, Artist, Activator, Healing Facilitator. My obsession in this life has always been helping people clear their baggage and find their stardust within. We're all here for a reason and whether I'm bringing people together through live producing events or working one on one, continual Activation of Self and others is why I'm on this planet at this time.

For private session work my main tools are BodyTalk, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Tuning Forks, sound instruments and my own brand of intuitive touch therapy. My aim is to ease your body into recovery mode, to activate more of your DNA and help you shift density out of your physical body and energetic field so that your WHOLE system operates in balanced sync with itself and in the most consciously aligned manner possible. I work a lot with artists and I love assisting anyone who's attuned to their soul potential and who might just need a little help clearing the way towards full activation!

I could bore you with more words but the memes and images below really do sum up what my personal philosophy and private Activation practice is all about.


Big shout out of appreciation to all of the artists who took the time to create the memes below and perfectly depict my own personal philosophies!

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